London Transport/Oyster Card


Hi Guys

I’m travelling to London in May next year with my boyfriend and we arrive on the 6th May into Heathrow then go straight to the Umi hotel, we then get back to London on the 18th May and are spending a couple of days around London.

My main question is which is the best way to get around London, do they have visitor Oyster Cards? has anyone found alternative options which are cheaper?

Any tips would be great!! :slight_smile:



Hi Emma,

Oyster cards are the way to go. They cost 5 pounds and then you put however much money you want on your card. I was in London for about 5 days and 30 pounds easily lasted me. The underground is the best way to get around london as well unless you get the hop on hop off sight seeing buses. Those buses are good because you pay for 24 hours and it’s unlimited use and they do take you to pretty much all the main sights. When you are leaving you can go back to a oyster card provided and give your card back and get your 5 pound deposit back if you don’t want to keep the card.

I don’t think there are much cheaper ways of getting around London that I can think of other than the underground. Unless you want to walk or rent a bike which I know of a couple of people who did that.


Hi Coggo

Thanks for letting me know, did you get yours when you arrived or order one online?
also can you use 1 card between 2 people? sorry about all the questions :slight_smile:


Connected to the airport at Heathrow was a little newsagent which sells the cards. I just got mine there. And one card can only be used for one person because you swipe getting onto the train and then swipe at the end of your trip so it can work out your charge.


Hi Emma,

My cousin and I are going to be in London next May also (European Wonder tour). Depending on what you have planned while you are in London the other option we are looking at is the London Pass with Travel. It gets you into most of the tourist attractions and can skip the queues by using the londonpass entry. The only down side i can see with the London Pass is that it is only valid for the time period you have purchased it. For example if you purchase the 3 day pass it is valid 3 consecutive days. So you have to be careful when you activate it so you don’t waste a day. So there will be a bit of an issue with getting around outside the days you intend to use it, therefore we might have to get an oyster card for transit on day of arrival and departure.

If you want to look into it the website is



I Definately would recommend the Oyster card :slight_smile: been to the uk a few times previously and have used them, they are so easy to put money on and use and from what I remember you can also use on the buses around London. Takes the hassle out of traveling on the tube also not having to buy a ticket each time and getting correct zones etc. :slight_smile: I know ill Definately be getting another next June :slight_smile:


I LOVED the London transport system!

I was there for the first time at the beginning of the year and it was incredibly easy to use.

I ordered my Oyster card online and had it delivered to me at home so it was ready for me to use straight away when I arrived in London.


definitely recommend getting the Oyster card, you save alot of money using it rather then paying for each journey, something like 40%