London to Venice June 5-18


Has anyone been or going on this tour? Would love to hear from you![br][br]I am going on the June 5 departure, and staying at Globetrotter the night before. I am travelling alone, but looking forward to meeting others doing the same!:)[br]Lisa


G’day Lisa,[br][br]My name is Steve. I am doing the Spirit of Europe leaving on the 5th of June. I noticed that the London to Venice tour could actually be part of the tour that I am doing (Mine continues from Venice). I am wondering if they will bunch us together on the same bus (Could one of the wonderful people at Topdeck confirm this?). At any rate, I’ll be at the Globetrotter the night before (I am also travelling alone). Which part of Australia are you from?[br][br]Hopefully talk soon,[br][br]Steve :slight_smile:


Hi Steve,[br]You might be right, about possibly being in the same group… I guess we’ll meet at the Globetrotter the night before regardless. It will be nice to hear an Aussie accent! I am from Melbourne, and have arrived in the UK already… my first time here. How about you?[br]Lisa.


Hi Lisa,[br][br]It would be great to meet you the night before (What time do you get to the Globetrotter)?[br][br]I am from the ACT (Not a Public Servant though) and have done a fair bit of travel around Europe in the past, but am really looking forward to this trip because it is always good to revisit countries and explore some new ones along the way.[br][br]I’ll be travelling alone too (But having travelled a fair bit with the sister company Connections in the past, I know we are in for an awesome time).[br][br]Hopefully talk soon,[br][br]Steve :slight_smile: