London to Rome - July 6-20, 2008


Hi everyone![br][br]Is anyone going on the London to Rome tour this summer? I’m going by myself so it’d be nice to meet some of you (at least online :P) beforehand. I’m from Canada and this’ll be my very first trip to Europe![br][br]-vee


Hi Vee,[br][br]I would recommend to try and look for the bigger tour that your tour is a part of to find people. Good luck! I am traveling by my self too in July but on the 9th. My tour is Essential Europe which is apart of Discover Europe. Not long now 10 weeks and counting!![br][br]Cheers,[br]Lis :slight_smile:


thanks Lis! yeah the London to Rome tour is actually a part of the Mega European tour…so anyone? anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:


My husband and I are going on the Roman Road tour leaving September 9th - is that the one you’re going on? We’re from Canada too!


Hi,[br]I’m going on this exact trip with my best friend. We’re both from Perth and it’s our first trip to europe as well. We’ll see you there!