London to Rome (Grand European) 12 August 2008


Hi All,[br][br]My Wife Lena and I have just paid the balance of our EuroClub London to Rome tour (which looks to be the first half of the Grand European EuroClub tour) departing August 12 and are pretty excited. Hence this topic to see if we can find anybody else on the same tour.[br]We’re actually going to be in London for about a week before, and will be staying at the globetrotter the night before departure (I wouldn’t risk staying somewhere else and then trying to get across London at that time of morning :p).[br]I haven’t seen any other topics for this particular departure date, so in case there is anyone out there waiting for someone else to create a topic here it is. Now show yourselves![br][br][br]Euroclub[br]London to Rome[br]August 12 2008