London to Istanbul Jul 19th 2009


Id love to hear from anyone doing this tour!


Hey Emmanz![br]I’m doing the Mega European that starts 19/07/09 and I just worked out that your trip is the first leg of it!! Yay!! I’m travelling alone so pretty keen to make some sort of contact with people before the big day, not long now ;D


thats awesome!! i’m travelling by myself too but i have a friend in london i’ll be staying with, are you staying at the generator the night before we leave? i think i will :slight_smile: so excited!![br][br]London - Istanbul Jul 19th


I have a friend in London too but I’m going to hit her up for accommodation after the tour :wink: I’ll be at the Generator for a couple of nights before the tour starts, thought that would be a good way to suss out the people on the tour. Oh so exited, 101 sleeps til the tour starts (started counting at 130!) Yay! Have you got everything organised?? I pretty much just need my bag, I think, but going to suss out a mate and see if I can borrow theirs, gotta save the pennies… Hey if you have facebook add me, Louise Tait, my profile pics is hard to miss, I’m the one in the pink wig :stuck_out_tongue: