London to Athens


Hi, is anyone booked on the London to Athens tour on the 27th April? I’m booked in and was just wondering who else is going?


Hi Melissa[br][br]Myself and a couple of friends will also be on this tour! Can’t wait, been counting down the days! [br][br]Will see you there!![br][br]Mase


Yeah, I can’t wait. I fly out next week on the 20th to Geneva. Going there for work and arrive in Londond the night before the tour. Where abouts in OZ are you from?


I fly out on the 20th as well. We r from the Gold Coast. How about you?


I’m from the Central Coast(I live in Sydney during the week as I work there). I’m travelling on the tour on my own after I Switzerland. Can’t wait. Will be so much fun! :slight_smile: