London to Athens (Euro-Camping)


Is anyone else doing London to Athens May 2-24th? :slight_smile:


I am!!!

Really excited and nervous, I’m going on my own… Are you with friends or on your own too? Where do you live in Canada? I’m in Ottawa.


YAY! finally someone :slight_smile:

I’m going completely solo too… so you’re not alone… & I’m nervous/excited… this is gonna be my first time out of North America… I’m in Toronto :slight_smile:


Wonderful… It’s not my first time out of the country. I backpacked through Costa Rica 2 years ago with a girlfriend. You learn a lot about yourself, and I’m hoping to do that again. I’m actually going to stay in Greece for 3 weeks longer after we finish up in Athens. Are you planning on heading home right after?


Yah I’m heading back after Athens :frowning:
Are you flying in early to London? I’m flying out of Toronto on the 30th…
And do you plan on skydiving? B-)


I fly into London the 30th as well…
I have a friend who lives in London and I’m staying with her for 2 nights before we all meet at that hostel.

I’m curious to see who stays afterward and who goes. m still on the fence for the skydiving, and to be honest, on the side of the "no’’ fence lol… I"m a huge whimp when it comes to that kind of stuff, I’d rather spend it on the one excursion in Italy to the Isle of Capri that looks really cool

I can’t believe it’s only 20 days away!!


I can’t believe how soon it is too :slight_smile:
Do you know where abouts of the site we can find the cost of all the extra options? I can be a tad illiterate when it comes to the internet, heh.
I’m really surprised no one has responded to this post yet, should be interesting meeting everyone.


Never mind, I just found the link.
See you in a couple of weeks :wink: