London to Athens camping departing 26 May 06


Hi[br][br]My boyfriend and I are going on the London to Athens camping trip departing 26/05/06.[br][br]We would love to chat to anyone that is going on the tour or people that have been on it before![br][br]We are both from Sydney, Australia.


I think this is the same tour (or at least half of it) as Mega European leaving 26e…


Hi [br][br]I had a look at the brochure and I think you are right! Im so excited not long to go, we actually leave Sydney on the 3rd May we are doing a bit of our own travel before hand. Are you going on that tour?[br][br]Kylie


No, unfortunately not. Me and my boyfriend are going with the previous tour, starting on 5th of May.


THERE HAS TO BE SOMEONE DOING THE LONDON TO ATHENS TOUR 26 MAY?[br][br]Please write if you are, would love to hear from you!!![br][br]Would also like to hear from anyone who has done this tour before and/or tried Euro Camping.[br]