London to Athens Aug 30


Hey Everyone,[br][br]I am booked in to do the London to Athens trip that starts on August 30th which is part of the Mega European trip.[br][br]I am traveling by myself and planning on stayin in the Generator for a couple of nights before.[br][br]Is anyone booked in for this trip? Its startin to feel quite close![br][br]Also, is anyone planning on taking much warmer clothing? It sucks how much room warm clothes takes up in a pack!![br][br][br][br]London to Athens - part of Mega European[br]August 30 2009


Hi Sarah,[br][br]I am also doing London to Athens starting 30 Aug. I am staying at Generator on 28 and 29 Aug before the trip.[br]Dunno about the warmer clothing yet??!![br][br]Tenille[br][br]London to Athens [br]August 30 2009


hey im doing this trip as well except im doing the whole mega european tour. i’ll be staying at the generator on the 28th and 29th august as well. as for clothes im thinking of taking a few thermals just in case lol. only 3 months to go :)[br][br]Mega European 30 August


Hey guys,[br][br]Great to hear from people that are going to be there, starting to get excited…just waiting for my UK visa to arrive and I think then ti will definitely feel real, not that I have a job or anything for after but oh well.[br][br]Ill be at the Generator from 27th so will see you there! A few drinks before we leave should be great![br][br]Tenille, what are you doin after the tour? I think I’ll stay a couple of nights and then fly back to London.[br][br]Cant believe its only 3 months now, each week just seems to run into the next![br][br]London to Athens - part of Mega European[br]August 30 2009


[br]Hey Sarah,[br][br]Yes drinks at Generator sound great hopefully we can meet some people there before our tour starts :slight_smile: [br][br]I am flying to Germany when we finish… Are you going to work in London? I can’t believe it is going so quickly! Not long to go now![br][br]Tenille[br][br]London to Athens - part of Mega European[br]August 30 2009


Hey,[br][br]Yea I’m going to work in London, hopefully have a job set before I leave but who knows. [br][br]Should probably get onto booking some accomodation and flights out of Athens. I was thinking of Couch Surfing, has anyone done that before?[br][br]It is going so fast! I am getting to the point of being sick of saving every dollar though![br][br]Sarah[br][br]London to Athens - part of Mega European[br]August 30 2009


Hey,[br][br]Just thought I’d bump this up to see if anyone else had picked this tour. Not long to go now!![br][br]Is anyone thinking of skydiving?[br][br]London to Athens - part of Mega European[br]August 30 2009


Hey everyone!! I am Jen, I am joining you guys in rome and finsihing in Amsterdam then off to Africa! And now its really not far away!! So excited!! I am from Edinburgh so if you guys need any help with UK questions feel free to ask, and yes, defo going skydiving!![br]Acutally just realised i will be with a differant tour then but will be doing it for sure. See you in rome!![br][br]jen[br][br]European Venturer 4th Sep 2009 [br]Rome to London 13th Sep 2009