London To Athens/18th July-9th August


Hello, my name is Elliot and I’m from Adelaide, South Aus, me and my gf Hannah are doing the London to Athens starting 18th July. I tried to find any posts about this particular tour, but couldn’t see the corresponding dates.
Hope there are others out there coming on this one! We are both really excited, can’t wait! B-)

Anyone here doing this tour? Looking for others as excited as us!!! ;D


Hey guys!! You are doing the first part of the Mega European on the July 18th departure. There is a topic that we’ve all started (with people starting and stopping at different points) on here too. I think it just says Mega European 18 July or something like that. ALSO apparently we’re all facebook geeks because I started a group and a few more joined so you can look for that too (I think the group name is basically mega european july 18th or something like that).

Anyways, I’m Jackie and I’m from the states traveling with my friend Jill. Hope to hear from you guys soon!


Thanks Jackie!

Will look at other post and on fb too.

Thanks again!

;D ;D ;D