London spending


Hi all,
Just wondering how much people recommend for daily spending in London, my accommodation is all sorted so don’t need to factor that in.
Any ideas would be great,
Thanks :slight_smile:


[color=ff00ff]Hi there!
It all depends on what your up to in London. I have the same thing- prepaid accommodation in London before and after my tour. I have aimed on spending about 60 pound a day to begin with - mainly because i don’t plan on doing much souvenir shopping before my trip given the 20kg limit on tours.
I have also put a little aside to do some of the touristy things e.g London Eye etc. Hope this helps!
Vicki[/color] :-*


Thanks, that does help. I was thinking £70 a day, I won’t be buying souvenirs either I don’t think. :slight_smile:


I have over budgeted (I think). I have £100/day (not including hostel) plus £500 spending money! The way I see it, I’d rather over budget! But if you just need that money for food, and minimal sight seeing I think you’d be all good :slight_smile: just on a budget (like we all are!)


Hi guys. I think £60 - £70 would be a good budget. You’re probably looking at £5-£10 per meal, plus £7 for a travel card then entrance fees, drinks etc on top of that. I think you could get by on £50 per day, but having a bit more to play with would be better.

Have a great trip!