London Public Transport Tickets


Hi guys, quick question for you.

I’m actually arriving in London 2 days before my tour departs and will be there a day after aswell.
In that time I would like to do a bit of exploring and sight seeing.
Would anybody please be able to tell me what sort of public transport ticket would be the cheapest and best way to get all around London, for example Oyster card, daily ticket or travel card etc?
Is there any type of ticket I could get for 3 days, just not necessarily 3 consecutive days?

Any advice would be fantastic.
Thanks heaps,
Matt :slight_smile:


Probably and Oyster card if your not going 3 consecutive days and only want to use publis transport around London


can you purchase these oyster cards at the heathrow airport or at the rail station near the heathrow airport?


I was in London last year and i must say that Oyster card is one of the best and economical way to get around in London. It can be accessed for any mode of public transport.


Thanks heaps. Do you know approximately how much money I would need to put on, just for a few days?


Depends which mode of transport you are using. My advice would be that if you are sticking to Central London just use the buses. One journey costs £1.20 and the max you can get charged is about £3 something for the day. Buses are well organised and you get to see so much more of London. By contrast the tube is expensive, hot, cramped and you don’t see much. It’s good if you are travelling into other zones though. Enjoy it.


We used the oyster card as well while we were in London in May…it was great!!! From memory I think we put about $55AUD on them and that lasted us for unlimited tube use for 5 days.