London Pre-Tour Hostel!


My sister and I are doing the Grand European next July. We get into London 4 days before the tour, but because Wombats is full aren’t sure where to stay!
Can anyone recommend somewhere close by?

Been looking at the Generator but aren’t sure because its a bit further away. Will we have any issues getting to Wombats from there?

Anyone stayed there before?



I was also hoping to book in to Wombat’s before I head off on the Spirit of Europe on the 28th June. I’m a little confused about how it’s booked out so far in advance. I emailed Wombat’s about 2 months ago regarding pricing for next year and they said to me in the reply that bookings for next year don’t open until December…

So if they are booked out I’d definitely be interested in hearing what other suggestions people have got!


I stayed at the Generator and it was awesome!! It was really clean, had a great atmosphere and was SOOO close to Kings Cross. I would definitely recommend staying there.


Hello people of this world!

I’m not sure which dates you are trying to get a reservation for but I got in touch with them and I was informed that the reservations for dates too far in the future (greater than 6 months) are merely not made available online.

In saying that I recently booked myself at Wombat’s Hostel (London of course) for my Mega European tour (19 April - 06 June) for the dates of 18 April, 06 June, 07 June in an 8 bed dorm - was the cheapest and most convenient option.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ping me if you wish to know more :smile:


Clink78 London in King Cross, near King’s Cross St. Pancras station. Plan your departing morning well, hit the tube and get off at Tower Hill.