London Hotels or Hostels


Hey,[br][br]I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good hotel or hostel in London. I have heard horrible things about the generator and the UMI is completely booked. I’m a solo traveler looking to meet people and stay at a central location that is clean.[br][br]I’d appreciate any suggestions! [br][br][br]Simone


I’m staying at the Generator the night before & night after my tour. It’s central, big, well known & has a lot of activites going on. Apparently it does have a rep as a party hostel but really, it’s what you make it because you could escape that and chill out with others if you prefer


try the holiday inn branches. they have heaps of hotels available all around and their service is fantastic!


Hey Simone,[br]If you only need to stay at the Generator the night before/after your trip its alright (I was a bit sceptical too about the party reputation) becuase the trips leave so early in the morning its almost impossible to get to there by public transport.[br]If you are staying longer in London the Astor hostels are great (there’s one near Hyde Park and another near Victoria coach/tube station) I stayed at this one and was only 10min from Picadilly Circus/Oxford street.[br]Hope this helps[br]Christine[br][br]European Getaway 16 May 2009[br]Oktoberfest 18 Sept 2009


Have a look at Premier Inn. They are all over the place and are pretty cheap. Haven’t stayed at one myself (although I was going to before I found a tour that included some things I was going to go and do myself) but they have great reviews.