London hostels


any suggestions on cheap places to stay in london. I wil be there for a week by myself dont know many people. Wanting to meet other girls doing same thing, any safe places? Also freaking that i’ll be stuck on the tour with non english speaking japanese tourists! Thinking of changing my tour. Im from perth any other people be in london around 26th may? Sam :slight_smile:


hi[br]May 26 will be my last day in London. My tour departs 27th. I am going to try to cram as much stuff as i can into that last day.[br]found a website that has free MP3 downloads for london walks. Each MP3 file contains a neighborhood in London. You listen as you walk around and see the sites. Some walks are short (45min and some walks are an hour or more. But the best thing is it is free and you can stop and start whenever.[br][br]I am staying at Astor Quest. I browsed the site for hostel reviews. The Astor hostels had high reviews (there are many located around the city). But book fast because most of the good cheap places are booked up on the weekends in May. Just search around, I saw some hostels that gave discounts if you book for a 1 week stay.[br][br]Let me know if you want to meet up.[br][br][br]I seriously doubt that you will have a coach full of non English speakers. But it is all about the experience![br]


Hey there, my other half and I have booked into the Globetrotter for 4 days in September. It is pretty cheap, great reviews and is easy to catch the tube into London (about 20 mins) Whirlsie put this link in for people to see a video of it! Feel heaps good about booking there after I watched the video![br]


It depends where you want to be located really. I stayed in The Astor Museum hostel(i think it was called) in a 4 bed female room which wasn’t too bad and fairly cheap if i remember rightly. It was in Russell square and is just around the corner from the British museum.[br][br] is a good place to have a look of prices of places available. It depends what your looking for.[br][br]You will find that most of the tour groups mainly consists of aussies suprisingly. My last tour was basically half americans and half aussies with a kiwi and a mexican thrown in for good measure lol[br]You will be fine:)


I would recommend the Generator Hostel in Russel Square. Very central- witin walking distance to Oxford st, British Museum, Camden. Very easy to get to & from Heathrow on the Tube. Its the largest hostel in London so a great meeting place if by yourself (and the drinks in the bar are fairly cheap)[br][br]Odette[br][br]Mega European June 22nd


I agree with Cruisey… It’s all up to where you want to stay. I’m booked at the St Paul’s YHA for 11 nights after my tour (12th -> 23rd of December), just around the corner from the cathedral and the Globe theatre (which is what sold me). It’s 21pounds (so about $45 AUS) a night, and includes breakfast. I loved it cause it’s in an Ye Olde London town building. But as I said, it depends on where you want to stay. I was a little worried about the price as I was told London is crazy, but 20 pounds or so isn’t bad. You should consider getting a Youth Hostel/Hostelling International card, you get great discounts with it. They have a booking website where you can search cheap hostels: The or is also good. Although I booked accommodation in Edinburgh with for a hostel that wasn’t even open at that time! Got an e-mail from the owner and I lost my deposit! Grr…[br][br]I would have considered the globetrotter inn, but the price topdeck quoted was heaps more then the 19 pound it says on that video link! I’m staying at the Globetrotter in Edinburgh though. It’s really nice!! And a lot cheaper…[br][br]Pharaoh’s Footsteps: Oct 18th, 2008.[br]Winter European Getaway: Nov 25th, 2008.


Im from Perth and will be there from the 26th of April to the 1st of June i’m staying at the Globetrotters they seem cheap reasonable and safe.


thats so weird about Globetrotter Allison!! For me I think it only worked out a couple of dollars more expensive! (but TD sell 4 share not 6 chare which is what the 19 pounds is refering to)[br][br]Are you at the Globetrotter Inn in Edinburgh atm?? I’ll be there too - just in september lol! Whats it like there?? Is there heaps of room in the lockers in the rooms? What are the facilities like? Is it easy to meet people there?? is the net expensive?[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


hi guys thanks heaps for the tips on hostels[br]have decided to go with globetrotter as its cheap, close to city and easier than switching hostels as i got a free night there before my tour. ill be there from 30th may til i leave on the 3rd of june, any other aussies be there at same time??? im a lone traveller chick from perth[br]thinking of doing a day tour any ideas on where?[br]so excited now im all organised booked and paid!!![br]


Hi Simmy501[br][br]I fly out tomorrow. Im from perth. [br][br]Ill be at the globetrotter from the 28th until the 1st of June. Im travelling on my own to[br][br]Cheers


Leanna - yeah I think that’s where I got mixed up, as they were quoting a more expensive room (which is strange, you’d think they’d advertise the cheapest price possible).[br][br]LOL, I’m not in Edinburgh yet! I won’t be until after New Year’s! The only reason I booked so early is that I have been told New Year’s in Edinburgh is huge and it’s nigh on impossible to get accommodation at that time. The pics of the Edinburgh Globetrotter were so pretty! Right on the lake… So yeah, that’s what sold me! And it’s so much cheaper than London. Only $33 a night as opposed to $45![br][br]Pharaoh’s Footsteps: Oct 18th, 2008.[br]Winter European Getaway: Nov 25th, 2008.


I stayed at a B&B in Earl’s Court! The best and not far from the Globetrotter. Only $55Pound a night. Loved it and would stay there again.


Hey Simmy501, on my tour there were 24 people and only Americans, a Korean girl, and the rest were from Austraila and New Zealand. Also, there was one couple, 3 sets of friends and the rest were all traveling solo. A bunch of the girls got to know each other before the tour started because they stayed in the same room at the Globetrotter.[br][br]San Diego, CA[br]Western Spirit[br]April 15-April 24