London Hop on Hop off bus tour


Hey guys,
In need of a little advice please. Have done my research into this bus tour compared to others including London pass and it sounds pretty good. Was wanting to do the 2 day escorted tour before my topdeck trip. Has anyone done this London hop on hop off bus tour before? Are you rushed for time, any other info etc. would be much appreciated.
Thanks :wink:


Hi, When we went we checked out the bus tours. There are a few, but we went with ‘The Original Bus Tour’. The general idea is that there is a few different lines that take you in different areas of London. There are many stops and a really good map you can use to see exactly whats near by. you just jump on and off as you please. Then when your ready to get back on the bus, you just wait at the closest bus stop for the line you want and jump on when it comes past. Dont be afraid to just sit on the bus for a full circle before jumping off!!! its so relaxing to sit back and take photos and watch London pass you by.

Also, another thing we tell people when they go to London is to not be afraid to catch a taxi. they are VERY reasonably priced and always available. We didnt get a london pass because we didnt think the value of it was worth it given what we wanted to do. We caught taxi’s everywhere and went to all the major sites, plus the not so major sites.


Hi i was in london last year and did the 2day hop on, hop off tour and that is plenty of time, it run from like 8am till 6pm. I found that if you sit on the bus for one round there you get a good idea of where you want to hop off.
They give you a really good map, and i found that i was able to hop off at one point and walk around and get back on at another stop.


Thanks so much Em & Caron! Advice was perfect. Purchased 2day hop on hop off bus tour. Sure it will be amazing :slight_smile:


I could not see the expence in the bus tour the tube is so cheap and goes everywhere so easy to use and so close to evrything