London Gatwick


Hey guys. I have never travelled internationally before, and I am trying to book a train ticket for the same day as my flight lands, but I have NO idea how long customs, baggage claim, etc. takes at London Gatwick. Any suggestions?


You should be able to just get tickets for the next train out of gatwick there normally about 10 minutes apart heading to central london. Gatwick to london victoria is about 30 minutes.[br][br]Cant help with customs etc but I normally have my luggage and on my way in just under an hour. but then I british so its going to be a lot easier


when i landed into Gatwick, we walked pretty much straight through. it didnt take very long. it all depends on how many planes land around the same time. but i would say gatwick would be alot quicker than heathrow.


Thanks for the help!


It took me about 30 minutes to get through, everything was pretty smooth.