London Ferry for Winter Wonder?



I’m considering booking the Winter Wonder trip for 2019, but I’m unsure of the London ferry at the beginning of the tour. I’m planning to stay a few days in London beforehand so I was wondering how we get to the ferry the morning of the tour? Is there a bus/meet-up place in the middle of London that takes us to the ferry? Or do we have to make our own way there?

I’m doing this trip as a solo traveller from Australia and I’m just worried that I’ll miss the tour if we have to make our own way to the ferry. Thanks for the help!



I did a European Topdeck in 2016, you will get proper information closer to the date once you book your trip but you meet at a point in London to get on the bus then drive to the port and onto the ferry. Your pre-tour information will give you the details as to where though.

For my trip we met at the Best Western Hotel in Earls Court as that was the pre and post accommodation place.

Good luck in your planning!


You can contact your travel agency.