London, Dublin & Edinburgh Hostels - help!


I’m travelling to London, Dublin and Edinburgh late this year and am looking for hostel suggestions. I’ve stayed at the generator and Clink78 and did NOT enjoy the Generator at all, Clink78 was okay…

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Kate, I’ll be in London, Edinburgh and Dublin in July after my trip. I will be staying at the Clink78 in London, High Street Hostel in Edinburgh and Times Hostel Camden Place in Dublin. I will let you know how the other two are.


Hi Kate,

I agree with u on the clink.

The best I found in London was Equity Point London

I stayed at the times in Dublin & found it great, friendly staff, clean, central, large en-suite rooms & when I was there they offered a free dinner on a Wednesday I think.

In Edinburgh I stayed at the Caledonian Backpackers, wasn’t bad, nice a central, quiet large, could hav had more bath rooms.

Hope this helps



Barnacles Temple Bar House in Dublin is the most amazing place I have ever stayed. If you stay there you won’t be disappointed!

It’s close to everything, the staff are lovely and it’s so easy to meet people!

Hope you have fun x


Has anyone got an idea to visit Rome this year end?


i stayed at journey’s hostel in london. The kings cross one. And although the rooms had a lot of people it was pretty private and a really friendly atmosphere. It’s super cheap and breakfast is included, plus there’s cooking facilities. And the showers are actually decent. Definitely where i’m staying when i go back to london