London 26th may til 3rd


hi anyone else be in london round this time? Im keen to do a day tour and a west end show. Wil be by myself. I start grand european 3rd june. Think ill be only one on it haha! Staying at globetrotter. Should i book show and tour before i get there? Any suggestions for a good show? Any other lone travellers?


Don’t worry you won’t be the only person on your trip![br]Wouldn’t bother booking the show before you come though. You will get a better deal booking it through the half price ticket people or at the globetrotters travel desk.[br]I am sure you will find a friend to come along with you.


Hey Simmy[br][br]I’ll be staying at the globes from the 28th till the 1st of june. I just arrived in london satrt my tour on Saturday. You are from perth to aren’t you?[br]I’m on my own[br]


hi jake thanks for reply. Was thinking u prob hang out with people u met from ur tour or u wil be exhausted. I wanted to go to a west end show…too girly? Can catch up for a beer for sure, ill be at tif globe too. Yeah im from perth. Have an awesome time on ur tour! How old r u? Where bouts in perth u from