Loan for traveling?

Hello everyone! Just curious if it’s worth to take a loan for traveling? I work a lot, but I want to feel free while traveling but not taking into account my budget… Am I just crazy or simply I have to relax and take a vacation?

It depends on your persona if it’s worth applying for it or not. I’m more of a financial person (although I didn’t study finance) and I wouldn’t take a loan for traveling as I don’t get any money back from it. Money should bring money, that’s on what I base my decisions. But if you’re a more spiritual person, who doesn’t care that much about the money, you can apply for the loan. Last month I got a good deal on a loan as I already have a good credit history. Invested the money in real estate. If someone’s interested, Credit-10 in South African Republic has one of the best lists of companies that provide the most advantageous offers I could find online.