Living in london!


hi all,
im a 19 year old solo traveller travelling for 6 weeks then working and living in london, would love to meet anybody who is also travelling or livinng and doing the same thing, could possibly find a house together!


forgot to mention i arrive on the 29th april!


Hey there mikayla,

I’m Britney, also 19 from Aus and have been living in london for over 7months! =] Where will u be living in LDN?

If you have facebook, feel free to add I know how daunting it is to move to a new country…so feel free to ask any questions! Ive been through the same thing as you at your age! haha.

Hope to catch up!


Hey Mikayla! :slight_smile:
There’s heaps of people who are doing the same thing as you!
We’ve already got a big post that has heaps of names on it. It’s at:

Otherwise, we’ve also made a Facebook group called ‘Topdeck members and those living in UK currently/post travels’.

Feel free to add any of the people on there :slight_smile: Everybody is pretty friendly!


Hey guys!

My names Kirsty, and a friend and I are doing the same thing. we are doing the grand european tour 4 oct and then living in london!

Would be good to make some friends over there, as its going to be a completely new experience :smiley:


Hi everyone,

My name’s Belinda and I’m doing the Trail of Columbus in July , then going to the Spanish Islands then Greek Islands then in late August heading to London to live and work for a year :slight_smile:

Would be excellent to hear from others who are doing the same! Can’t wait - it will be such an exciting experience and would be even better with some new mates :slight_smile: