Live-in Jobs


Hi Guys,
Anyone know a good website for finding a live-in job in the UK?

Planning a move later in the year and just want to see whats out there…



Hi Kate,

Depends on what you are looking at doing? Bar work? nannying? The walk about chain of pubs have live in acccom for staff, if you want to live in London Id recommend applying ASAP as they get lots of enquiries. The red back is another pub that may hook you up with housing? Google them. Otherwise becoming an Apiur for 6-12 months is a good idea if you like kids and can stand living with a family. The website Gumtree has lots of live in jobs posted daily.
I think itÂ’s a better idea to line up 2-3 weeks in a hostel for when you arrive, line up a pub job or something similar before you go. Look on gumtree for share accommodation its cheap and better living with 3-4 people instead of being in a dorm style accom you are in a house!