Little confused with the visa



Can anyone help! i have just read the documents for top deck tour and there is a bit of talk in it about visas???

we only need passports, a visa is not needed is it? we are doing the 22day 12 country (europe uncovered)

may be a stupid question but i wanna make sure :slight_smile:



i’m doing the same tour, june 21st? and i’m wondering the same thing!! hopefully someone will be able to help us haha :slight_smile:


Hey! I was a bit confused by this too!! I’m doing European wonder in September 6th. Do we need visas as well as passports? I thought visas were only for extended stays?


I’m travelling on a NZ passport and no visas are required within Europe. I’m pretty sure it’s the same for Australians too. A couple of places like Egypt or somewhere you might, but you just get them at the airport when you arrive. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


This link should tell you all you need to know, was sent to me through my Topdeck consultant :slight_smile:


Because your entering the countries for such a short period of time you wont need to apply for these types of visa’s