Likelihood of tour cancellation by Topdeck and European weather in early Spring


Hi Guys,
I’m planning on doing the Winter Soiree trip in at the end of March 2017, it doesn’t yet have a guaranteed departure and I really want to book (need something to get me through study!) but i’m hesitant in case it is cancelled and then i’ll have to majorly change up a whole bunch of other travel plans.

Does anyone know how common tour cancellation is by Topdeck in Winter and how long it usually takes for tours to become guaranteed if they do?

I’m also wondering if this is a good time to go. I’ve been doing some research and I see a lot of “would not recommend in winter” or “everything was closed” comments regarding some of the places. But my plan is to avoid the insane crowds of peak season. Anyone know much about this?


Hello, I did a winter tour at the start of this year and it was amazing! We didn’t have any issues with anything being closed at all. The only down side was some of the optional extras in Austria i.e. Paragliding, Skydiving sort of things are hard to do due to the weather, I had booked in to go paragliding but missed out cause of fog.
hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: I just want to see as much as I can and I was hoping stuff wouldn’t be closed or visibility would be poor the whole time. I was hoping to leave in February to fit in another trip that starts mid march but I hear February is the coldest month in Europe :frowning:


I went in mid Feb and whilst it was cold we also had some really beautiful days, especially in Italy. As long as you have a good jacket and gloves and a scarf I reckon you’ll be fine. When in Paris we didn’t have to queue up for anything except the Eiffel Tower and only that was for maybe 15 mins cause we got there before they actually opened the gates. We didn’t get the panoramic views up the top of Mt Titlis in Switzerland as it was snowing but I was more than happy to have the snow over the views. Personally I think winter was a great time to go but each to their own obviously.