Les Deux Alpes Ski Trip


Hey All, [br][br]I am doing the 7 Day trip with the coach transfer (so I guess that makes it 9 days) from the 14th of feb until the 22nd. Is anyone else going? Or has anyone else been on the trip recently and has some feedback or tips/advice? [br][br]I am flying solo on this trip so hopefully there will be plenty of people. I plan on being strapped into my snowboard for as much time as possible ? and when not doing that, a drink in hand or relaxing in a hot tub. [br][br]Anyway, let me know, I ?d love to hear back about the trip. x[br][br]-- Pelling


Hiya[br][br]I went last week as a beginner skier travelling alone and had a really great time. The hostel is nice and the food is pretty good too. I met loads of people to chat to - 12 in our topdeck group and a whole hostel full of friendly people. You’ll have a great time - i wanna go again![br][br]Carys x


thanks for the reply. i have travelled by myself before, but it’s been a while. i spent a year in canada and have boarded in australia as well. i can’t wait to hit the snow.[br][br]-- Pelling


Carys how did you find the lessons? I am also a beginner and am doing this trip in March.