Les Deux Alpes 16th Jan 2010



I will be doing my first topdeck tousr this year, Winter Spirit 19th December 2010 and Skiing Les Deux Alpes 16th Janruary 2011
I have lots of questions I hope you can help me out with!

  1. in regards to sleeping bags, how necesarry are they? it seems like a waste of space when we have restricted luggage…

  2. has anyone tried using an optus post-paid iphone in europe? what are the costs/reception like?

  3. what things did you take (specific to these trips or generally) that you didnt use and what things did you forget. any general tips on what to take would be muchly appreciated! i dont want to waste space and i love to shop, dont want to go over 20kg!

  4. should i buy a big winter/snow coat once i get to europe? i feel that australian outdoors stores have no idea what european winters are like!

  5. did you spend a lot of nights out and drinking? what did you wear? was it expensive?

  6. will a big over-the-shoulder handbag suffice, or will i need to buy a small backpack?

  7. shoes…joggers, boots, covered flats? i’m clueless!

  8. is there any need for a laptop? i figure we will have access to internet cafes but i would rather be safer than sorry!

  9. would you reccomend a condensed towel (like one of those microfibre chamois-tyoe things), travel pillow and travel blanket?

  10. specifically for the ski trip, what snow gear do they supply? is there an opportunity to hire the items that arent supplied/included in cost?

I know it’s early but i love to plan and being a full time uni student and working almost full time i have to do things when i can which means starting now!

any other tips/info/advice/etc is muchly appreciated, please share your experiences!!!