Leaving on the last day of tour


Has anyone had any trouble departing on the last day of the tour? I am going on the Western Spirit tour from Aug 26 to Sep 3. The itinerary states that we are on our own on the last day. Based on this, I have booked my return flight on the morning of the 3rd but am concerned about any difficulty in leaving the group and making my travel arrangements on time.



I have done 3 tours now and have always booked for the day after the tour if I have to leave straight away. The plus of doing that is if anything happens for some reason, you have a buffer to get yourself organised etc etc…
You can organise post-accommodation through Topdeck to make it easier…

Having a look at the Itinerary for Western Spirit, the 2nd of Sep you will be travelling from Florence to Rome so when you get to Rome, you will do a walking tour (which is excellent). It says on the 3rd there is an ‘optional activity’ which is to visit the Vatican City. I found it quite impressive (even though religion is not my thing). So whilst the tour may be ‘finished’ you have the option to do that if you wish… (so I gather anyway)

Maybe give Topdeck a call, clarify what happens at the end of the trip and if it isn’t a pain, adjust your flight for the day after or at least it will reassure you about your flight on the 3rd!

Hope that helps a little? :slight_smile:

Safe Travels!



I recommend you fly home the day after the tour finishes. The last day of the tour just won’t leave you enough time and you might get delayed.

Kathy :slight_smile: