Laundry tips


Hey. So does anybody have tips for getting clothes cleaned whilst traveling? I no some hostels have facilities, but I am not sure. if i will be in one place long enough to di most travelers throw away as they travel and replace?


what i gathered from reading a lot of topics is that people either wait and find a laundry mat or take a plug, wondersoap and do their washing in sinks, I plan on doing the second option


Cheers hailey, I’m thinking the second option too


Can’t comment directly for top deck but imagine it would be the same/similar… Did a contiki trip last year, most places we stayed at had laundry facilities, some even had a service where you could pay to get it done… took 24 hours to get back, but was well worth it… a lot of people waited to get to those locations… as some of the top deck places are the same (we ran into top deck at some places) should be similar…


hi, i just got back from travelling for 3 months and did not pay a penny for laundry, i bought my own bar of soap and used sinks everywhere, some places have machines but can get costly depending how long your travelling, you can save a lot of money by doing it this way


Hi guys,

I’ve just come back from a 36 day Topdeck Euroclub trip, I would recommend taking heaps of knickers then you only have to do washing a few times as you get a few wears out of everything else, you could just do washing in you sink but there is not always room to hang it to dry, I didn’t take a lot of clothes and I managed to do washing about 4 times in 36 days, one other thing I would recommend is doing your washing in 3’s or 4’s as the machines are usually huge and you get charged the same no matter how big the load is, makes it a lot cheaper!


It really depends what tour you are doing. Hotels trips are generally the hardest to find laundry facilities as they don’t offer them or if they do they tend to be very expensive dry cleaning services. If you are doing Euroclub or Camping trips, facilities are a lot easier to find but not always guaranteed especially in countries less travelled, facilities will be hard to find. On trips that are 2-4 weeks long, Italy is usually around half way & there are usually lots of facilities there for Camping, Euroclub & Eurohotel (you might have to walk a bit from the hotel). Handwashing is great & means that you won’t miss out on a city because you have to do laundry. Take some travel wash, a sink plug & something to hang your stuff on & i would definately recommend taking underwear that’ll last you at least 2 weeks.


Thanks for the tips, ill definitely be taking a plug and washing powder! heres a portable clothes line if anyone else is interested in taking one and its cheap as!


my aim is, if we’re in a country for 2 days, then i wont be going site seeing until ive done my washing. more important to have clean clothes.


There are always laundry mats and such around, but also bring a plug, travel washing liquid, and pegs (and travel clothes line if you want) incase you are stuck with no clean undies and have to do an emergancy wash:)


Hey guys! I’m heading off to Europe in January, yay! Just wondering with the travel clothes lines - do people just hang these in the dorms or leave them in the bathrooms? I can’t imagine hanging them outdoors in winter would be very effective? Thanks heaps! :slight_smile: René


see the sites in the morning and then head back to where your staying, ask your tour leader where the best laundramat is because they probably will be needing to do washing too. we did our washing on out 2 night stays.


Rue Pont Vieux is in Nice, busy but its probably the best you’ll be able to fine.
Waschsalon Schnell & Sauber, Torstrasse 115, 10119 Berlin (near Rosenthaler Platz) Berlin


I took a travel clothesline, a travel sink plug & travel wash paper - they came in sooo handy!

My clothesline had both suction cups & hooks so you could either find somewhere to hook it on in the room (drawer handles/lights above the bed etc), or simply suction it to the window.

I also had paper travel wash which was super handy & hardly took up any space at all - all you do it throw a few sheets of it in with your washing.

I still spent heaps of money on washing, but there was about 9 days where there was nowhere to wash clothes so handwashing came in very handy. Also on my hotel tour there was no laundry so instead of spending time trying to find a laundromat, washing in the sink left plenty of time to see more sights :slight_smile:


I wish all of my clothes were clean, germs free in my drawers. I just wash my clothes with the help
of soap in bathroom when i go for a bath. For ironing I put my clothes below my bed and jump, give pressure.


In summer, I washed my clothes with soap while I was in the shower, wrung them out and hung around my bunk (items like undies and socks that NEED to be washed regularly) And if I was in location long enough I would do the same with my pants and tops. During winter then can be hard, or easier, depends how you see it. They have great heaters in the rooms that’ll dry your clothes in no time, if you in location long enough, otherwise just pay for a laundromat.