Laundry in EuroHotel trips



Is it easy to do laundry while on the Eurohotel trips? Do you need to bring laundry powder with you? Is it that expensive and time consuming to do laundry on these trips?


Olivia :slight_smile:


Hi Liv,
I have about 12 weeks left until I go on my trip. Eeeekkk its getting closer. I was wondering the same thing but for EuroClub. I was wondering if it is easier to buy laundry powder over there than buy it here and take it over.


Go to a camping store and you can either purchase it in a liquid form ~90 ml or in solid form (comes in about 50 sheets about 3*2 cm long)… really handy and take up no room at all

or in sheet form


I did a Eurohotel trip last year and took it with me as you don’t always have heaps of time to go looking for stuff like this. I got a liquid from a camping store. That meant we were able to hand wash some stuff at night.

We also did get our laundry done when it was possible (your tour leader will tell you), for example in Rome (which was about half way for us) we got almost everything washed and it didn’t cost much…


Thanks for the advice. I will go and get some of that laundry liquid.


Olivia :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

On my Greece trip in May we had time for washing and just got most of it done at the laundry mat, it was really cheap. I also took a little bag of washing power which meant I could wash out ‘undies and socks’ in the basin :-[

This time because we are travelling for 10 months im going to take it in the liquid form from Kathmandu.