Last Mega European Trip?


Hey,[br]Looking into the final mega european trip and am curious if there is usually a good turnout for these trips as the others or is there a much less turnout due to the timing of the trip? Perhaps this is a question for the admin but would hate to go on a trip by myself with a bus to myself, haha.;)[br][br]Joey Walker


I did the final Rome to London (ie Mega European) trip of 2007 and we had a pretty full bus. The tour is a little cheaper because it falls outside of the tourist season and we got free upgrades from camping to either hostels or hotels from Istanbul onwards because Eastern Europe starts getting pretty cold by September/October (ie too cold to camp). Because it’s off-season there are less crowds so I see that as a bit of a bonus, plus the weather was still nice and warm all along the Mediterranean.[br][br][br]_____________________[br][br]Ya can’t buy cultcha, but 12 Turkish Lira can get you fun times!


Thanks for replying trashbag, ha. This allows a little less concern on the subject. Good to know that there could be some free ugrades along the way as well. So is it the initial cost of the trip that is cheaper, or is it just cheaper for commodities (souveneirs, entrance fees, etc.)[br][br]Joey Walker


hey ive booked for this trip and it was cheaper, its good to know that we can get free upgrades because its cold :slight_smile:


It’s the actual cost to Topdeck that’s cheaper, I guess because they pay less for accommodation and all that in the off-peak times. The hostel in Budapest for us was right in the middle of the action, whereas I believe the campsite is out of town, so there’s that additional bonus as well.[br][br]I don’t do the cold weather too well and it started getting pretty chilly from Vienna onwards… I couldn’t imagine staying in the tents in some of those places![br][br][br]_____________________[br][br]Ya can’t buy cultcha, but 12 Turkish Lira can get you fun times!


Thats good to hear. Getting free upgrades for a cheaper price than origninally planned is always a bonus. Im from Seattle, Washington so Im pretty used to it being cold and rainy all the time, nothing new for me, sounds like its pretty warm all the time there in Australia?[br][br]Joey Walker


It’s not warm all the time, the southern states get a winter, but there wouldn’t be many places in the country that would compare to Seattle from what I understand![br][br]Just with the Mega European trip I did, it was such a contrast going from the cloudless, warm weather of Mediterranian to the bitter cold of Poland in a matter of weeks…[br][br][br]_____________________[br][br]Ya can’t buy cultcha, but 12 Turkish Lira can get you fun times!