Hey guys,
I was thinking about buying a crappy laptop to take with me to Europe, but I’m not really sure if I should, what do you think?


A lot of travellers these days take laptops. When I was hosting people from CouchSurfing, they all had laptops, ranging from big 17" all the way down to 10" netbooks and iphones/ipads. But, the more gadgets you carry, the more you have to worry about personal security, weight, etc. Unless you are a Facebook addict, have a business to run, or a blog etc. it might not be worth it for a short trip. It all depends on your context.

I have a DSLR camera for example, that I’ve decided not to take. Just because it would probably get lost/stolen/damaged. So I’m gonna be missing out on awesome high quality photos. But at least I save the weight/room in my backpack.


Hey Patrick,

I’ve purchased a 10inch laptop for my travels (mostly because I don’t have an iPhone) I’m going to be on my trip for over a month so want to stay in contact with home. Also I will be taking my DSLR (there’s no way I want to miss out on all the awesome photo opportunities) So I will be backing up all my photos on my laptop as well. It may be a bit heavier but I have travel insurance if by any chance they do get stolen, and I think it will be worth it!


i have done the same im taking my 10inch laptop and my DSLR, its covered my travel insurance so its no biggy. plus in taking my laptop i can down load photos as i can imagine being on the go and photo happy i wanna be able to have the freedom to take as many pics as i like not to mention im travelling for 3 months so more convienient for me. get travel insurance you’ll be right!


Thanks guys, really helpful. I plan to be away for a few months so I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have a little laptop. Really appreciate the replies :slight_smile: