Hi all! [br]Just wanted to get peoples ideas and opinions on taking a laptop with me on my tour? Has anyone taken one and found it useful or did it just take up space and get in the way? All comments, hints and tips would be great coz i leave in 26 days and just don’t know if i should bother or not!


Hi Dan,[br][br]I debated whether I should take my laptop too. I’m actually doing a tour then a 3 week uni course so I wasnt sure. I’ve decided to leave my laptop at home because: [br][br]1) its way too heavy (mine’s pretty old and chunky)! And I need room for all the cheese and wine I plan to bring back [br][br]2) I’d end up stressing out about leaving it in an unsecure hotel/hostel/cabin room or on the bus [br][br]3) I’m sure there are heaps of internet cafes to check emails and stuff [br][br]4) pen and paper are much easier to replace!! And you wont have to fight your insurance company for compensation if your pen/paper get stolen [br][br]5) I’m travelling to see and experience other places! Not to use my computer which I do everyday anyway[br][br]So… I’m not taking mine. That said, I guess it depends on why you need your laptop and what you plan to do. If you want to take it overseas, but not on the tour, maybe you could hire a locker somewhere safe? [br][br][br]Cynthia[br]European Getaway 16th Dec


Cheers Cynthia! [br]Like you said i was worried about leaving it somewhere that it could be nicked! And you’re right about the whole insurance thing! Space for wine and cheese hey! I like your style!! ;D[br]Thanks for your reply!


I wouldnt take a laptop coz every place you stop at has computers or internet cafes so you are fine. As you say, its not safe leaving them in the hostels etc, there not dodgy at all but its just not safe leaving something like a laptop there[br][br]Sarah


hey def wouldn’t bother with a laptop, such a pain to carry with limited space and you’ll be worried about it when away from camp - everythings pretty safe but best not to have something extra like that to worry about…and internet cafes are everywhere - no wifi or anything at most places either…


Thanks guys![br]Your replies have helped me a heap! And with them all being to the tune of leave it at home i think that’s what i’ll do! More space for other stuff!! ;D


I think one girl had a laptop but probably only because she was continuing to travel and then live in France for a year or something. If you have a Blackberry, Iphone, or PDA then take that but check what your fees are. [br]You really don’t need a laptop. Just make sure whatever computer you use overseas has a good Firewall. If it doesn’t, install one to the computer or avoid using it (especially if you are accessing bank accounts).


I’m taking my almost netbook but only because My family said I was not going on my trip if I didn’t I thought just haveing a I pad would be fine but they are insisting I take mine with me lol


I am taking a netbook with me, mainly for photo storage but also so I can stay in contact with home & not waste heaps of money at internet cafes or having to fight for a computer wherever I stay. I am going to be gone for at least 3 months though so it will definately be beneficial for me to have one over this period of time.

The one I am plannning on buying is super light & I will be carrying it with me the whole time.


I’m taking my iPad as all I need is email, FB & Skype & somewhere to load my photos too. However I’m thinking periodically I"ll get all my pics loaded to a CD & ship it home just as extra precaustion.
I have iPhone too so think I’m covered and with minimal hiderance to weight & space.


I took a netbook with me and many others on my trip took them aswell… that was a couple years back before the iPad was out… It was handy and didn’t take much room, however next trip (this year) will just take the iPad as I found everything I was using the netbook for can be done on the iPad, the ipad is lighter and takes up less space, and better battery life… I found the iphone was more handy in most locations where you could get wifi to send a quick email or jump on facebook etc…


Hey Trent that’s what I figured so you’ve reconfirmed for me for sure :slight_smile:
What trip are you doing this time?


I’m taking a netbook this time round. Though this is only because I will be living in London


i wasnt taking mine, but now i think i might need to, as ive just started tafe again, and will have work to do. ah sigh.


I am getting a tablet in the next week or so to take with me… and a portable hard drive to back up my pics!


I might just buy a cheap 300 buck laptop and not take my ipad or my main laptop lol…


[quote=31783]Hey Trent that’s what I figured so you’ve reconfirmed for me for sure :slight_smile:
What trip are you doing this time?[/quote]

I’m doing the Western Spirit (25/9) finishing in Rome, then flying to Athens to start the Olympic Link (05/10)…


Another vote for a tablet. Smaller then a laptop and longer battery life. Im looking into them atm deciding which one im going to get. Main pourpose is the storage of photos. But then again im away for 3 months and doing africa and europe, so I need a way to stay in touch with home.



you said you’re going to Africa. Where abouts and what will you be doing?

I am going to Kenya in May and will be volunteering in an Orphanage.


Hey Jamie
Im doing an organized tour in east afriaca. Starting in Kenya and running to vic falls. It is with another tour organization though. and then heading to the topdeck/eourope section of the trip. I am going to be over there in late june-early july.
Where abouts in kenya are you volunteering at the orphanage?