Laptop & Camera


Hi all

I’m doing the EuroCamping Trip for 34 days in May & just trying to weigh up a few options. I have an 15" Mac & a DSLR. I will definitely be taking the DSLR camera but I’m trying to weigh up my options re: laptop.

What is the security like at the campsites? If I take my laptop I don’t want to take it out with me on day trips as it would get quite heavy but concerned that leaving it at the campsites I’m risking it being stolen.

I was going to take extra memory cards & flash drives to back up photos at internet cafes onto the flash drives but also don’t know how often I will be near an internet cafe so would feel better being able to back photos up each night back at campsite.

Any insight would be much appreciated!



Yeah I’m trying to work this out too. I have a dslr and I’m thinking of buying a whole heap of 4gb or 8gb cards to take with me. I just feel my laptop will be a little too bulky and don’t really need it for anything else… Don’t care about Facebook while I’m in Europe lol!

Let me know what you decide… I’ll probably change my mind!


Hey, just a suggestion, why not buy a cheap netbook to take.
I bought 1 for under $300, it’s extremely light weight and it has a memory card slot built in, so you can back up your photos without the need for flash drives or camera cables.

I was going to just use my phone for emailing, but the netbook cost less than half the price of my phone, so Im not as worried if anything happens to it.

If you want to surf the net, I’m sure every McDonalds will probaly have free wi-fi. If not Im sure at least a few of the accomodations will :slight_smile:


I’m doing the same as Matt, have brought a cheap netbook to take with me so I have easy access to the internet and can back up by photos (I’m going to keep my memory cards separate from my laptop so that if one gets stolen/lost, I still have the other)


I used the internet on my phone, most hotels had wifi
and mc donalds have free wifi everywhere
I would leave the laptop at home, save room for other important stuff.


Thanks for all the suggestions! I had stocked up on memory cards & flash drives scotteffone but I like the idea of getting a small netbook, am stopping in US on the way over so will try & pick up a cheap one there. I have a portable HD also so I can back photos up on that if worst case the netbook gets stolen from the campsite.

Ok decision made! I’m taking my DSLR & buying a netbook. Will also have a few flash drives as safety & my portable HD to back photos up also.

I’ve got 3x 8GB SD cards for my DSLR and 1x 4GB SD card - I was thinking that wasn’t going to be enough but having the netbook will be great as I won’t be worried about using up all the memory before getting to an internet cafe.

Thanks everyone for the ideas!


I’ve pretty much arrived at my solution! Here it is for what it’s worth!

I have an iPad 2 that I will be taking (don’t like netbooks haha and don’t see the point in having that and a tablet). I have worked out I can take approx 60 RAW files per day (I will trim the fat at night so that is enough I think) over the 80 days all of which can be stored locally on the iPad. Although I’m doing tests and may shoot in jpeg (large/fine) which would give me 220 photos a day!

All that is needed is the camera connection kit or: (it has a bit of a slow transfer rate though)

There is also this puppy which I’m looking into:

Or ditch a laptop altogether (not an option for me) and use one of these:

Although the iPad is more expensive than a netbook or external storage I use it for so many other things and this will be a good test to see how it is in this environment. If it works it will be a million times better than a netbook or laptop for me.


Dropbox is fantastic. I will probably be using that to save my favorite photos as there is a 2GB limit and I will be shooting well over that!

I also have all my receipts, itineraries and scanned documents (e.g. passports) saved on Dropbox!