Lapland Express


Thinking about booking this trip in December 2018 - has anyone else booked this? Or has anyone else done this trip in the past?



I’m booked to do the Lapland Express trip from 13th-16th December. :slight_smile:

I’m travelling solo, doing Spires in the Snow first, then this trip. It sounds magical, but I’m not really sure what to expect, I’ve never experienced that kind of snow or temperatures before!!



Oh nice! Yes I think I’m going to book those same dates! I’m also traveling solo and doing a few other trips right before this one. It does sound amazing! Just nervous about packing for this one and having room for everything we need for the weather lol. I’m from NY so used to cold winters but this will definitely be more so!


Yeah, I was wondering about that too! I’m from Australia so I literally had zero snow appropriate clothing. I bought a bunch of stuff but have no idea how it’s all going to fit in my bag! :neutral_face: New York is awesome! :grin:


Ahhh yes packing will be interesting hahah. I just booked the trip so officially going the same days as you! :smile: Can’t wait!!


Yay!! It will be good to meet you!