Lap Top


Hello[br][br]I am going to study in the USA for 6 months after the end of the tour and so will need by lap top then. I will be leaving a suitcase in London during the trip with all the extras I need for living and studying in America but don’t require on the tour. I do not really feel comfortable leaving my new and quite expensive laptop in my suitcase in storage at a hostel/hotel. [br][br]However I do not know how practical or safe it would be to carry a laptop around with me on tour- especially as its a camping tour and I dont think it would be very safe in a tent or even locked on a bus.[br][br]Has anyone taken a laptop with them or seen other people take their lap top? Was it too much of a hassle or was it not so bad? [br][br]Thanks heaps for your help!!


i too would love some advice on this issue. [br]i will be forced to take my laptop with me as i will be coming straight from the us where i have been working and have no choice but to take it… should i leave it behind in london or is it a better idea to take it with me on tour. [br]in which case im also doing a camping tour and so dont know how secure that idea is.


I don’t think you would have any choice but to leave it in London mate, especially if you are tenting it. i can 100% say that if it isn’t stolen it will get grimy/scratched/used by other people. Plus the extra weight would be a bit of a burden.[br][br]Maybe all you need is piece-of-mind of the facilities and insurances should anything happen to your laptop. Are you staying at the Globetrotter beforehand? If the establishment is well known and all the appropriate forms etc are signed I think it would be fairly ok, this kind of thing is probably common. And you could go the extra step of tamper-proofing it, like wrapping it in glad wrap and signing your name so you know a cheeky staff member hasn’t gone through your files.[br][br]OR, depending on how long your trip is, you could orgainise for someone to mail it to a London destination ready for you when you get back.[br][br]Liz from Perth [br]Grand European June 17![br]+ Thailand