Ladies winter wear


Im doing an all around europe trip from December to March. I have been to paris and London in winter before and know that I was okay with warm socks, normal leather boots and a coat, but this time I’m heading over to Poland, Berlin and going skiing, which I’m lead to believe is rather more chilly! Do you think I will be ok with a normal coat and boots (for Paris, London, Rome etc) and with a puff ski jacket and apres ski boots for the colder areas? Is this ‘acceptable’ day wear?

I know this question has probably been done to death but any advice would be great :slight_smile:


You’ll basically need some thermals, particularly in the less built up areas. The general “heat” of London and Paris mean that it is warmer just walking around. However, in Rome, Venice (the damp cuts through everything!), Poland, Berlin, Prague etc, it is COLD.

Take woollen thermals (the thin kind that you can get at Kathmandu, Paddy Palin etc) and you should be fine. also, take leather gloves with a glove liner. Ski gloves will not be warm enough and will not keep the wind out.

It is the wind chill factor that will really do you in.