Ladies! what exactly are you packing?


I just bought my suitcase based on the Topdeck dimensions (which does not look very big) and so I am trying to decide what to bring. I will be traveling for a month in July and would love to see what other females are packing.
I thought of bringing few t-shirts, dresses, shorts and a bikini, but I think that my shoes will take up most of room in the suitcase. Plus some medication, camera, phone and a charger. Anything else? Any recommendations?
Thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:


I could do with this question being answered too. I’m off in May til July so I’m kinda trying to pack for all sorts of weather.


Me tooo! I’m going for dresses cause its good enough to get me in anywhere and is gonna save space. Shoes is such a headache!!! they should give us girls more packing space since we have so much more accesories to pack :slight_smile: What does your suitcase weigh? the one i have is 5kilos!! so i’m looking for something else.


Oh and it should be clothes that dries nicely otherwise you’ll be all wrinkled up or need to take a travel iron or something


Hi All,

OK, I’ve done a number of tours and this is what I’ve learned:

  1. Shoes
    You won’t need many - a pair of shoes for walking, a pair of strappy flats and a pair of thongs. That’s it!
  2. Clothes
    2 x Shorts (or 1 x Shorts and 1 x Zip Off Pants so you get two for one)
    4 x T-shirts
    1 x Dress (that doesn’t need ironing!) - If the dress is strappy or short, you’ll still need to cover up in some churches
    1 x Swimming Costume
    1 x PJ’s (you’ll need these as it’s a bit difficult to get to the bathroom in your undies)
    1 x Long sleeve top (it can get cool even in July)
    1 x Sarong
    1 x Windcheater /Windbreaker / Spray Jacket
    Undies and Bras

I don’t take jeans as they are heavy, take up a lot of room and take a long time to get dry.

  1. Others
    Clothes line
    Travel pillow
    Wetpack/Toiletries Pack
    Travel Towel

There are other odds and ends to pack but this is a good starting point.

Stacey :slight_smile:



Did you take a casual dress or more of a going out one? I’m considering taking one thats more of a going out one…but I’m not sure if the occasion would arise were i would where it


I agree with the 3 pair of shoes, runners, thongs and a nice pair of flat strappy sandals for when we go out. Since its going to be the middle of July when I go I am only planning on taking one jumper and one jacket the rest will be summer clothing shorts shirts dresses etc. I will bring more than one dress since I am more of a dress person than a pants person


Ohh one other thing I have heard it a good idea to bring a double adaptor, that way you can charge more than one thing at once eg phone and camera batteries


Should I bring a dressier dress? Its definitely more dressier than a summer/casual dress.

We will be doing 9 days on our own after our tour.

No one taking sweaters? Or something to stay warm just in case? Besides the long sleeve shirt…? Anastasia - Any pants or bottoms beside shorts?


Hi All,

With regards to a dress, I really didn’t have the opportunity to wear something really dressy the last couple of times I was in Europe. I spent a week in London after my tour and even to go to the theatre or a nice restaurant, I was quite comfortable in my summer frock. On tour we didn’t go anywhere that required semi-dressy and the main reason for this is that NONE of the guys on tour had anything even remotely approaching dressy, so basically you go to the pubs and nightclubs that where BBQ casual is the standard of dress.

As for a long sleeve top, I took a merino Icebreaker cardigan with me which was brilliant as it was dressy enough to throw over my dress if I was cold at night and it is also incredibly light weight and easy to pack. As I also had a windcheater (spray jacket) which had long sleeves, I didn’t need anything heavier.

If you’re travelling during the shoulder seasons (Apr-mid June, and late Sept-Oct) I would pack a pair of zip of hiking pants, they tend to be wind resistant and also double as shorts. With your clothes, don’t take anything that’s 100% cotton - they take forever to dry and shrink/stretch/lose their shape so easily it’s not funny. Anything in a pant that has a percentage of Lycra will be ideal.

Any other questions, please ask.

Stacey :slight_smile:


Thank you, this has been good to read.
I was wondering how smartly dressed we’d need to be for Europe, don’t want to feel under-dressed! Shame on those boys though! :frowning:
Do you get many chances to do washing, and is it very expensive and time-consuming?? Would hope to do a load at least once during the tour…
Also, would you take a real towel, those quick-dry ones are very small?! And is a pillow ever provided at the hotels/hostels?


I’m bringing jeans for sure! I took jeans in 2008 and wore them alot especially at night.
I’m also bringing a couple of summer dresses, one or two dressy dresses, couple of tops that you can wear out, tops for during the day (3/4, tees and tanks), one or two long sleeve tops, a black jacket, two pairs of shorts, shoes (thongs, flat black ballet type and heels, toiletries, makeup, hairstraigher, hair dryer and other misc items such as pillow case, chargers etc.
I love my cloths so can’t imgaine not bringin some of the above. Plus I won’t be buying many souvineers. I bought alot in 2008 and realised at the airport and packing how much of a pain they were!

Oh and of course underwear and Pj’s!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


This has been very helpful, thanks heaps!


Yeah, this has been very helpful,


Only a few clothes, everyday items that you can be assured and happy. not need too picky.


I’m also bringing my hair straightener, which I’ve found here.
It will save me plenty of time in the morning,