La Tomitina 2016 4 days Valencia


Hey everyone.
My name’s Karlee. I’m a solo traveller and have just booked this trip.
Has anyone else booked? Would be good to have a chat before :+1:t3:


Ive booked on as well and Im a solo traveler as well! Cant wait for this tour, have been wanting to do it for ages.



Yay! Me too, I’ve been wanting to do it for years!! I’m so excited.


Hi everyone I’m from Brisbane n I’m a solo traveller :slight_smile:


Hey guys! I’m from Sydney and i’ll be coming along with my Canadian friend, Kajol. We met on a Topdeck trip last year, so we’re both so excited to re-live it all on this tour! :smile:


Hey Everyone!

I’m a solo traveller to this as well, a Canadian living in London. Heading down the Friday before to Paris and Barcelona before Valencia if anyone is going along that same way :slight_smile:


Hi team, hope we’re all ready for a bucket load of fun! I’m from Sydney myself but have been an exchange student in Milan for the last 6 months. I took the liberty of creating a facebook group called “Topdeck La Tomatina 2016” for ease of communication. Looking forward to meeting you all soon and having a massive tomato fight!


Hey everyone,
Just read all your msgs.
I can’t find this fb page, but see you all on Monday. :ok_hand:t5::+1:t4::hugs:
Anyone gonna be at Valencia airport Monday morning? Could travel into town together?
I arrive late tomorrow night and am just gonna sleep there until the morning as I haven’t booked anything.