La Tomatina - 4 Days - 28th August


Hi Ange,[br][br]I’m not staying for the full 4 days there, but will be there till the 30th. I know of 2 other girls who will there too, Lucy and Nixi. You should hear back from them (on here) soon.[br][br]Kim


Hi Ange011,[br][br]I’ll be there aswell but not doing the tour. We’ve decided to do this one on our own. Should be loads of fun!


excellent, im going with another two friends, and have another big bunch of friends going on a different tour! should be great fun.


Hey Ange[br][br]I’m on this tour!!! I’m Lucy from Perth. Can’t wait. I’ve got one of those Olympus cameras that can get wet and dropped so hopefully will get lots of good shots!!![br][br]See you there![br][br]Lucy


hey lucy! im from canberra! do u no anyone else coming on the tour? how old are u?[br][br]ange


yeh just know of kim and niki. kim and i leave 30th and niki is staying until the end. there was another topic with other people in too somewhere.[br]i’m 25 u? i’ve got a friend that lives in canberra!!!


Hi Ange,[br][br]I’m Niki, and as the others have said, I’m going on this trip too, and will be there until the 31st, when I’m heading back to London. It’s good to know that I won’t be the only one there on that last day, as Lucy and Kim are leaving me! I’m sure the trip’s going to be awesome, the photos I’ve seen look crazy![br][br]Looking forward to meeting you ;D


Just wondering if everyone is going to buy goggles? I’ve heard it’s a must to wear them i’m just wondering if i should!


I’m going to be bringing a pair of swimming goggles along. I’ll be wearing them when the actions starts. I don’t want to get tomato bits/juice in my eyes though, it’ll sting. Will look like a dag but I don’t care, we’re all going to be covered in tomatoes in the end.;D Kim


yeh kim and i were talking about bringing goggles. think it would be a good idea. also we were thinking about bringing old clothes and shoes that we can throw away after as they will be horrid. [br][br]i’m getting excited now. i leave Perth in 15 days!!! can’t wait to meet everyone. [br][br]if anyone wants to get in touch my email is[br][br]see you in august.[br][br]lucy


I bought goggles on the weekend so i’m all set! I heard you can buy cheap shorts and singlets in the markets there for around $2… that may be an option too. I leave in 17 days… can’t wait!!