La Tomatina 2012


Whos doing La Tomatina this year?? Im booked onto the hostel one, soo excited!! :slight_smile:


Just booked the hostel trip today :slight_smile: Quiet excited looks like so much fun!! :slight_smile:


hello i’m about to book! always something i’ve wanted to do! very excited!!


Hi, I am booked, can not wait!!! :slight_smile:


So keen for La Tomatina!! I think I’m on the 3* Hotel one. Can’t wait to throw some tomatoes! ;D


Hey, I’m doing the 3* option on my own - can’t wait, will be so much fun!!
Anyone else in a similar situation?


going by myself aswell! (:


Hey, I’ll be doing the 4 day Hostel stay! It’s for my first time traveling alone so I’m both mega and excited and nervous. See you all there ;D