La Tomatina 2011 - Valencia


Hi All,

This trip went on sale 2 weeks ago. Sounds like fun, so who is going? :slight_smile:


Hi Jessy!

I’ve recently arrived in the UK from Australia to do a bit of travelling and absolutely can’t wait for this tour!!! Have already placed the deposit for it :slight_smile:

I will be arriving from London Gatwick on 29th August and then heading to Ibizia after the tour. Anyone else doing the same?

Should be total awesomeness! =)



Hi guys!

Unfortunately… im still in Australia…
But I booked this tour a few weeks ago and I am so excitied…
All I need is to get back to London by about the 19th of Sept… so Ibzia sounds awesome!



Heyy Jess!

I’m from Perth too! Look forward to meeting you =)


Oh I so badly want to go to it but we are going to be in the Greek Islands then :’(

Another Perthy here as well raises hand


i just found this tour! im most likely going to do it to! im still in aus at the moment, not getting to london til mid july…saving like crazy before then :slight_smile: heading to ibiza afterwards sounds like a pretty good plan to me too. megan x


I just booked this tour too!! So excited and cant wait!!! Heading to London Mid August and then kicking off my European tour with La Tomatina, Ibiza and Barcelona!


Hey a friend and I are kicking off our 3mths of traveling with La Tomitina. Leaving Melbourne on the 25th of august. Can’t wait!


Hi guys,

How are you planning on getting to Valencia?
Ive just looked at flights from London and they’re quite pricey.


were flying into barcelona then catching a train down! we think.


Hi guys,

The best way to get to Valencia is by flying directly into the city Â’s airport. Easyjet offers budget flights from London to Valencia all year round. Alternatively, flying indirectly (with a stopover somewhere in Portugal or Spain) will often save budget conscious travellers a bit of money, if youÂ’re willing to add a little extra time to your journey (check for details).

As the festival gets closer and flight prices increase, there are still options for those who would like to save on costs and see a bit more of Spain. Cheap flights into Alicante, Barcelona or Madrid airports can be booked with a number of budget airlines, and there are direct trains to Valencia from each of these major cities. Train tickets can even be booked online at From Alicante or Madrid the train journey is about 2 hours, and from Barcelona about 3 hours.

Hope this helps!

Amelia Lawrence
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hey im joel im doing la tomatina but im also thing of going ibiza afterwards just depends if i find enough people to go with


I’m also booked on this trip with a few friends, cannot wait for it! I will be flying into Valencia on the 29th after going to the Leeds festival on Friday the 26th and Creamfields on Sunday the 28th. Hopefully i get some sleep on the plane on the way there :stuck_out_tongue: