LA to NY Depart June 1st



Anyone else doing the Coast to Coast LA to NY departing on the 1st June? Also anyone know why there is only a maximum of 13 people on this tour and not 45 like other tours? Really looking forward to my first solo trip!



Hey, my friend and I will be on this tour too! I won’t lie… Didn’t even know they had restricted the group size.


Hi Danii. One of the top deck consultants said the number of max travellers was an error on the web. She aid there were 16ppl confirmed on our trip about a month ago. Where are you guys from? Are you staying on in US after NY?


I’m coming from brisbane and my friend will be coming from Melbourne. We’re doing a bit of travelling before the tour and we will be in the states for another 3 weeks after it finishes. Where are you coming from?? You planning any travels after?


I am coming from Brisbane as well, I arrive in LA on the 30th May and have 10 days in the states after the tour before I head up to Canada for 3 weeks - haven’t got anything definite planned for my time in america after the tour as yet. Look forward to meeting you guys!


I join this tour in New Orleans, and do that last week to New York :slight_smile:
Can’t wait!!