Kobe Bryant endless revenge


All players on the field at the sound into the brain at the moment the first time heard this sentence shocked, and then is compassion - Does not he afraid of Kobe Bryant endless revenge?

The players were shocked and sympathetic, Arena saw Li Guan Yu provocative hook action ball mí have to send a monstrous boos. In their view, provocation their absolute superstar Kobe Bryant was an unforgivable thin,nfl jerseys china
,g. Therefore, they make all kinds of boos curse - ‘Kobe Bryant, kill him! ‘’ Bryant, mercilessly Yan buckle’’ he get rid of the damn arrogant guy’’ let him get out with his ignorance. '…

The ball mí believe that their ace to kill Lee Immersió was an easy thing, but Kobe Bryant did not think so. When his defensive front Li Immersió offensive immediately felt the pressure unparalleled.

The, even Li Immersió only is extremely simple in front of him shipped two crotch, he could not help but fast eyes reshaping bucket jī type.

Because he from Li Immersió dribble among completely unable to find any flaws and laws. Yes, Li Immersió dribble as antelope hanging angle no trace to be found - seemingly casual, but in fact built the beholder.


Flapping about as five to seven touch 准科比布莱恩特 defensive focus, Li Immersió suddenly to the left-hand side of an accelerated, just as Kobe Bryant on the other side before halftime made. Even Kobe Bryant know in advance Li Guanyu will follow suit from his left breakthrough, but Li Immersió speed is still let,wholesale nfl jerseys
, him off guard footsteps very awkward half a step back.

See Kobe Bryant awkward pace, the Lee Immersió high-speed trajectory actually a suddenly stop, and not like Kobe Bryant before doing so took the opportunity to pull-up jumper.

Does he really wants to what perfect version?

Kobe Bryant suddenly thought of the case, he thought the case while the defense the pace of adjustment - re to face Li Guan Yu.

Footsteps of his defense is an adjustment, the Lee Immersió suddenly a crossover basketball quick tap to the right side of the Kobe Bryant. Because the speed is too rapid, Kobe Bryant has not had time to think about the body,wholesale coach handbags
, directly followed subconscious transfer of the center of gravity in the past. Deflection of the center of gravity of the past, while Kobe Bryant, Lee Immersió has been bound to basketball with lightning speed from behind a back pull over.

Basketball pull over, Lee Immersió immediately take-off shot … shabu!

Accuracy of the basketball fall into the Nets, even flying trajectory exactly the same with that shot before Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant’s eyes to keep ,wholesale coach handbags
,a look on the right side of the angle. In this regard, Kobe Bryant can only sigh sentence: the world of martial arts, but not fast break.

“Perfect version How?” Lee Immersió leaned on the Kobe Bryant case said: "In fact, the first crossover when I have the opportunity to shoot, but I found the location of the station and you shoot location differences, so I came again a CROSSOVER! "

Kobe Bryant did not make a sound, looking at the Pianguo Tou the Lee Immersió face harmless smile, his face aghast - maybe this guy is the league’s most paranoid, paranoid because his blood stream, streaming with pride!


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