Kiwis - Travel card vs credit card?


Calling all Kiwi’s - I’m off to the UK and Europe in August and I am wondering if anyone has any advice re a Travel Card vs Cash Passport vs a plain old credit card? I’m confused by all the fees etc and don’t know which one to take.


I’m going over in late August too, I’ve gone with the travelex cash passport cards, one for Gbp and one for euros. There wasnt much difference between those and a national bank travel card but the fees were slightly lower I think. With a normal credit card you get charged for the currency conversion with each transaction, which will end up costing you heaps. With travel card or cash passport you’re loading the currencies onto card, so no conversion fee! :slight_smile:


A friend of mine and me of course are heading over next week. I have gone with cash passport, but mastercard as can use it more places than visa, will probably just use it to draw cash from ATMS, ( i think the visa one gave free transactions from ATMS). Im also taking credit card for just in case emergencies. Only issue is i now have 6 cards to watch. you get given 2 per currency, and we need Pound, Euro and american, plus a couple of coutries on tour still have own currency. Kiwibank offer a similar card that you load up and can contain up top 5 currencys on the one card, but think the fees are slightly more.


You guys should be able to get access to the multi-currency cashpassport over there?

Travelex is good, used it last time I traveled, however the Multi is cheaper (not as many fee’s) and you can also load your different currencies on the one card…

As for visa vs mastercard, from what I experienced last time I traveled, if they accept Mastercard they accept Visa… it’s really only American Express and Dinners Club that differ (not as many places take them)…

Also good to have a credit card for backup.


If you do opt for using your own credit card, be sure to check the fees and charges for international transactions. I too have used the travelex cash passport and its great, like trent said, load up 5 currencies (i think) before you go. Saves paying conversion fees.


Im a Kiwi and heading over late August (doing summer fun + sailing Aug 31st).

Think i will go for Travel X


I went on Discover Europe back in May and found the Air New Zealand One Smart card was great. It costs $1 each time you load currency, and we didn’t get charged at all our whole trip for ATM withdrawals. I just added more money every so often if we were running low. Once you get back to NZ I just spent the rest of it on a coffee or something :slight_smile:

Have a great time on your trips, mine was awesome :slight_smile:


I have just been in the UK & Europe for 2.5 months & I also used the AirNZ OneSmart card. It was great because you can load multiple currencies (as other travel cards), its easy to check your balance online, & you dont get charged withdrawals (unless you are withdrawing from a specific ATM which lets you know they charge - some of them do). You load money onto it in $NZ, then convert to whatever currency you like.

I would suggest keeping plenty of money in your $NZ wallet for countries that dont take the Euro (such as Bosnia/Serbia/Croatia/Prague/Hungary etc). This way when you pay for things in their currency, it will automatically come out of your $NZ wallet & convert into local currency.

Anyway Chantal I see you would’ve already left by now, but hopefully this will be helpful to someone else :slight_smile: