Kiwi Encounter (8 Nov ex Christchurch) 2016


Hey everyone!

I’m Bridie (23) from Adelaide. I’m going solo on the Kiwi Encounter, can’t wait to get going!

Hoping to stay in Auckland for a couple of days before I head home, anyone else thinking about it?
Anyway, it’d be great to meet some of you! :smile: :airplane:


Heyya Bridie!

I’m Nyomi (24) from Wagga Wagga.

I’m same as you, Solo on the Kiwi Encounter and can’t wait to get over there.

I was thinking of staying for a few extra days to put off going back to work haha.

What’re you planning on doing in Auckland after the tour?



Hey Nyomi! :smile:

Well, at least there’s two of us on the tour haha. What days are you looking forward to most?

I didn’t have a real plan for Auckland, just wanted to stay a bit longer! I’m sure there will be something on in the city. Otherwise I’m open to ideas! I haven’t booked my flights yet so the possibilities are endless!

Did you have any plans for Auckland?



I seriously can’t wait to go bungy jumping! And the swing looks amazingly terrifying so I’ll probably do that as well :joy:

What’s exciting you most?

I have no plans for Auckland yet, I’ll have to leave by the Friday (25th) unfortunately because I’m back at work on the Monday :cry: But I thought I’d either just explore the city or do day trips.
When were you planning on leaving?

Nyomi :ok_hand:


Oooooh you’re brave! I don’t think I’m up for bungee jumping but the swing looks like fun!

Can’t wait to see Fox Glacier and Rotorua. I’d love to go horse riding too. Every day looks amazing though!

Oh no :disappointed: work always ruins a good time haha. I’ll probably leave around the 25th, maybe stay the weekend if I want an extra couple of days!

Have you downloaded the Topdeck app? I got it yesterday and it’s done nothing but fuel my excitement/impatience to go on holiday. The countdown clock makes it even worse haha
:mountain: :evergreen_tree: :sheep:



Hi Bridie!

Yeah I downloaded the App a few days ago and the countdown is my favorite thing at the moment haha. It’s making being at work more bearable because I know how close we are to going!

Got your packing list sorted? I have no idea what we will need so I’m mostly going with camera and excitement!

Nyomi :airplane:


Haha definitely my favourite thing too! The countdown is on!

Here’s the general list that topdeck sent me (in case you haven’t seen it!)

Suggested packing list:
The golden rule is to travel as light as you can. Only bring what you really need and leave plenty of space for things you might want to buy. Don’t forget you will have to carry your bag around yourself before and after the trip, as well as in and out of where you’re staying while on your trip! The following is a suggested clothing list only, based on our experience.

• 1 pair of comfortable walking shoes (more sturdy boots if travelling between Melbourne to Darwin)
• 1 pair of smart-casual shoes
• 1 pair of thongs/jandals/flip-flops
• 2 pairs jeans/trousers
• 2 pairs shorts/skirts
• 4 shirts/t-shirts
• 2 sweaters/jumpers
• Smart casual evening wear
• 1 rainproof jacket
• 1 warm jacket
• Underwear and socks!
General Things to Pack:
• Swimming costume
• Beach Towel
• Toiletries
• Hat & Sunscreen
• Basic medical kit (including plasters, aspirin etc.)
• Washing powder
• Insect repellent
• Conversion plug
• Torch
• Travel pillow

I really want to bring my proper camera but I’m a bit worried that it’ll be too heavy to carry around or I’ll lose it! I’m definitely bringing some hiking boots and warm clothes (and excitement haha). :tada: Wasn’t so sure about the washing powder? I might just bring a small ziplock bag (and probably get arrested when I go through customs) :joy:

I hope we can leave our luggage on the bus when we’re on day trips. Otherwise we’ll just be super fit by the end of it!

Bridie :grin:



I’m thinking the same with my camera. Would love to have it but it might get damaged or stolen. Might take it and just see what happens.
Haha! I have a feeling carrying white powder in a zip lock bag would raise a few questions with customs :wink:
I might just buy a small packet over there, I figure enough of us will use it.

I’m assuming we leave our suitcases in the bus while on day trips. I’ll be taking a small backpack to have with me on trips and the in the bus with a travel pillow etc.

I’ll be leaving Auckland on the Friday- tried to ask for more time off work and they asked me to cut the holiday shorter!!

Nyomi :slight_smile:


Hey hey!

I might bring my old GoPro, at least it won’t be the end of the world if I lose/break it!
Haha probably a good idea with the washing powder. Who knew NZ had supermarkets?! :joy:

I’m bringing a small backpack too. I didn’t even think about a travel pillow! Should probably get one for sneaky naps on the bus.

Aw that sucks. At least you’ll have the weekend at home before you have to go back to work.
I’m currently trying to finish all my uni assignments before we go. My last assignment is due on the first day of the tour! So sadly I can’t procrastinate for the rest of the semester haha.

33 days to go! :sunglasses: :airplane:

Bridie :grinning:


Only 6 days to goooooo!!!
Are you all ready to go?
I’ll probably be running around last minute this weekend getting the last things organised but I’m super excited!

See you soon!


Hey! Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been so busy getting organised for the trip! I’m in Auckland right now, just waiting for my connection to Christchurch. If you’re here early, send me a message and we can go exploring!

Can’t wait to meet you :smile:


Heyya!! I’ll be in Christchurch around 1pm tomorrow! Want to grab a drink or coffee tomorrow evening?
I can’t wait to get started! :grin:


Yeah, definitely! I was just going to walk into town tomorrow so that would work well!


I’m just having a coffee then I’ll wander around for a bit. Where are you staying??
I’m at the jailhouse hostel


Hey, I just got back from a walk. I’m at breakfree hotel on cashel st. Happy to come out and meet you though! Also I’m a massive idiot and just replied via email so that was never going to work haha


Want to meet for a beer/dinner later? Perhaps 630?


sure! where do you want to go?


No idea!! We’re about 2.5kms from each other.
Is there much in your area? Here is kind of industrial I think. Couple of pubs


There are a few places around my area. There’s also a bar downstairs here so if all else fails we can definitely get something here. Just had a look on google maps, there are some places on Manchester st?


Cool, looks like there are also a couple of places on Your side of Lichfield st?