Kiwi Encounter 17th Oct- 1st Nov 2018



My name is Ivy, 27yrs old from Sydney. Was wondering if any one else is thinking of doing this tour. It’ll be my first time travelling solo and to NZ too. Looking at making some new friends before the tour or meeting up at Auckland. Looking forward to hearing from you guys.


Hi. I’m not doing the tour but I live in Christchurch. If there’s anything I can help with just let me know. I’m actually in Sydney this week for a conference


Hey Ivy,
Is your tour starting in Christchurch? My GF and I are doing the Grand Kiwi which also starts on the same date in Christchurch. I noticed that it says the kiwi encounter is a section of the Grand Kiwi. So I think we are in the same tour.


Hi, I’m doing the tour solo aswell i will be flying out from sydney. I would like to get to know you all.