Kings cross area at night


Hi all,

So I’m arriving at night into london, and had planned to walk from kings cross / st pancras station to the clink hostel, however reading from the comments here it seems the area is a bit dodgy. I’m 27, male, travelling solo, and will have backpacker/tourist written all over me…

Would it be best to just get a cab from the station?


Hey guys, I saw your post and thought i could help. I have been living in London and its not that bad walking around at night depending on what time and where. The walk to Clink from Kings cross is probably less than 10 minutes and providing you are not walking around after 11:30pm or so you should be ok, the streets here are pretty well lit and there is usually plenty people around, particularity at Kings Cross station. Also if its a Thursday-Saturday there are usually plenty people out and the other days are not bad. When do you get in?

Sorry, don’t know the cost of a cab but would guess to say b/w £3-£5 pounds.


Simo - thanks for the advice! will traverse the streets i suppose!