Kind of a stupid problem, but


Hey,[br]my friend and I are booked on the Grand Euro 10th April and teh Northern Exposure 20th May. We are doing a fair bit of travelling before and after and are going to be away from home (Aus) for a few months. Problem - travelling with just a backpack, with clothes, cooking stuff etc (for backpacking before and after) and all the other junk you seem to accumulate. I don’t have any room in my pack to bring ‘going out’ clothes! How casual can you get away with?[br]Help![br]Look forward to hearing from you guys soon,[br]Sarah and Claire


Hi sarah, [br][br]I have a similar problem as I am doing some Hiking after I finish the tours with topdeck. I plan to take a bag as carry on luggage with clothes in it, and leave it in the luggage holding facility at the Globetrotter in london with my hiking gear inside so it leaves room in my main bag for going out gear…kind of a round about way but it will hopefully work. when i start hiking i will either leave excess clothes with friends or post them home. :)[br][br]Truth in our hearts,[br]Strength in our hands,[br]Consistency in our tongues.