Just Got back


Just got back from Europe tour so let me know if any questions.


How was it? lol. Any complaints?


what europe tour did you do??


What was the age group range??!

did you go by yourself or with friends??

can you just give us a general overview on your experience??

i leave in 20 days to do spirit of europe tour … so im getting edgy! ha


Was best trip ever. Very tiring but worth it. We only had half a coach so everybody had two seats each which is good for the long drives.
There were quite a few couples including myself and most of the other people who travelled alone had a partner at home.
The age group ranged from 18 to about 33 I think and the age gaps didn’t matter at all.
No complaints at all. Obviously some campsites were better than others but all good.
At first you wonder if people are going to mingle etc but by end of it, it’s hard to say bye because we all got so close.